I have been a practising painter for over 30 years, working mainly in oils. Essentially, I try to work en plein air as much as possible, although I will often finish paintings away from the subject from photographs and sketches made in situ. I also create paintings from my imagination, and these are based on remembered and recorded images from life. To me, art is about an individual emotional response to a subject; I do not wish to slavishly replicate a subject, however skilled such an approach may be seen to be.

Over the years I have looked at the works of many artists; their positive influence has obviously inspired my work, although it would be arrogant of me to suggest that it can be seen in it. I would wish to name a few of these painters, if only to encourage others to look at and learn from their works:

Sir John Arnesby Brown
Sir George Clausen
Bertram Priestman
Stanhope Forbes and painters of the Newlyn School
The Glasgow Boys
Edward Seago
Dame Laura Knight
Lucy Kemp-Welsh
Sir Alfred Munnings
Julius Olsson
The Barbizon School
George Innes
Frederick Judd Waugh
John Singer Sargent and many others.